Tree Maintenance Services

All trees need to be well maintained, to keep them in good health, safe and long lasting.

This is achieved by dead wooding, pruning, crown lifting and reduction, by our experienced arborists who take great pride in keeping the natural appearance and shape of the tree.

Tree Pruning

A good time to start pruning is when the tree is young, which will enable the tree grow in the correct manner to achieve strong branches.

Crown Reduction

This is a common procedure to reduce the overall size of the crown (top of the tree). This process will extend the life of the tree, its general appearance and will be useful to allow more light to shine through the canopy, particularly useful if you find the trees are blocking out the light to your property.

Crown Thinning

A tree with a extremely dense crown, may need to be thinned to allow more light into the surrounding area and lessen the damage from the wind.

Crown Lifting

The crown may need to be lifted because some of the lower branches are causing problems to buildings, the public, walkways etc. The branches are pruned back to the main trunk or to where they will grow back in a suitable way.

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